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Cara Comfort is a medical facial mask: 3 layers of non-woven fabric in polypropylene fibre for better filtration and protection..

Thanks to the special seamless design of the inner layer, our masks adapt perfectly to the shape of the face, blocking bacteria efficiently and providing even better protection.

Among other things, this special design prevents annoying fogging of the glasses. A major advantage!

Unlike most surgical goggles, our Cara Comfort goggle is made of a unique wide band elastic (the exclusive Omega Type Earhook™ ) made of non-woven fabric and ultrasonically welded with no gaps in between, which makes our goggle more comfortable and prevents unpleasant pain or redness while maintaining an optimal fit to the face.

(3-layer composition: Melt-Blown high-efficiency anti-bacterial filtering non-woven fabric enclosed in two layers of protective spunbound non-woven fabric)

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